Posted by: antodaya | 14 June 2010

Formation of Lawyers’ Collective to support legal resource centres

Lawyers Collective meet

At the instigation of ANTODAYA, the first meeting of the Bhawanipatna Lawyers’ Collective was held on 13 June 2010 when it was decided to extend legal support to the deprived and marginalised sections of the community on a no-cost (pro bono) basis. The Collective was formed to provide additional support to the RTI Clinics and Land Resource Centres which ANTODAYA has been organising with funding from the UN Justice Innovation Fund. The centres in 6 clusters of the remotest parts of Kalahandi have been formed with the objective of empowering tribals and other marginalised sections of 10 Gram Panchayats in Thuamul Rampur and Junagargh blocks. They are equipped with land rights related information and information on the acts and entitlements directly related to the marginalised sections of the community and also act as counselling centres on legal matters for the poorest people who are incapable of meeting expenses for legal procedures.

To make the centres more pro-active, ANTODAYA has facilitated the process of forming a Lawyers’ Collective at district level comprising 9 learned advocates of Bhawanipatna under the chairmanship of Mr Durga Madhab Padhy, Senior Advocate. The other members of the Collective are Mr Raghunath Mahakud, Mr Shravan Kumar Agrawal, Mr Anup Kumar Jena, Mr Lokanath Nayak, Mr Sunil Kumar Mund, Mr Dibya Ranjan Bohidar, Mr Sudhansu Nanda and Mr Pratap Chandra Pradhan.

The Collective is committed to:

• Educate people on legal and political rights
• Extend counselling support for disposal of cases
• Extend legal support/aid to the cases wherever required
• Follow-up of cases at the Court of Law for giving justice to the marginalised
• Protect the poor and marginalised from exploitation by brokers and middle men in the legal process

The Collective will also motivate like-minded advocates from Dharmagarh and Junagarh to join them to fulfil the mission. ANTODAYA will co-ordinate the field actions and arrange for the required papers as well as evidence in addition to building the link between people and the Lawyers’ Collective.



  1. This is in fact a very good initiative by Antodaya, congratulation and wish the team good luck.

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